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Genre: Electronica

Website: http://www.certainly-sir.com


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Certainly, Sir is Klaus Hubben, J.B. Galusha and Michael Brodeur. Their former bands, the Wicked Farleys, the Ivory Coast and the Vehicle Birth, respectively, all split up somewhere around 2000. Since then, they have collaborated on dance music; at first, it was bedroom ProTools pop, displaying a crush on the Pet Shop Boys and for New Order, deep respect for dub tracks and curiosity toward electronic textures and chance compositions. CD/Rs they burned ended up getting featured in CMJ Monthly, rotating in Urban Outfitters stores across the country, landing on SPIN compilations and radio playlists all over the place—over a few months and more than a few burns and downloads, plenty of folks in the US had heard a little something about Certainly, Sir—but US audiences have yet to see a proper release.

Their first record, Mugic was released by Spoilt Records and Howie B’s Pussyfoot label in the UK in 2002. MOJO sure liked it (3 stars), as did Logo, Careless Talk Costs Lives and Fuminori Chikakoshi of Japanese record store and label, Rallye. He licensed the album with a bonus track a year later. In the meantime, the band had toured with the Promise Ring, the Postal Service, Cex and the American Analog Set, and recorded a 12” for Palm Pictures’ UK dance imprint, PalmBeats entitled For Claire. The tracks were a bit slicker, at times more minimal, at other times they were thick washes of rhythms and disconnected melody. It made a rapid run of the DJ circuit in the UK before the rest of the stock followed the remains of the imprint to be distributed stateside. Still no US album, though.

Over six years, the band has moved closer to the center of the dancefloor, dabbling in house, dancehall and disco without scrapping the handmade feel or their conspicuous lyrical depth. They’ve also developed their live show into a rock-venuefriendly blend of straight four-on-the-floor dance, laptop grind, dub, soul and rock.

Their new record, TAN (released in Japan on Rallye) is the result of two years of writing and recording. Among its 9 varied tracks are guest vocal contributions by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, the Postal Service), Kristina Johnson (Roh Delikat) and Vanessa Downing (Wicked Farleys, Rosa Chance Well). A few tracks were recorded with the help of engineers Shawn Moseley and Jonathan Kreinik (Trans Am, !!!), though the bulk of it was recorded by the band in their Dembi Baths studio in South Boston.