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Genre: Blues/R&B, Soul/Gospel

Website: http://worldsgreatestsinners.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Miss Treatment


Your amalgamated tradeworkers' union of northern soul survivors, Boston's World's Greatest Sinners are eight working stiffs out to keep the faith. Resurrecting the raw and honest rhythms of classic 60's soul and R&B, the 'Sinners remind you that there really was a time when songs were alive, beats blew your mind and a horn line could make all hell break loose.

Driven by a powerful rhythm section that makes sitting still a physical impossibility, the band is pushed into overdrive by infectious guitar, and sent into the ether by the delicious perfection of their (occasionally notorious) brass section, The Saints. These dark-end-of-the-streeters are headed up by Ms. Jordan Valentine on lead vocals, who wails, screams, coos, cajoles, stalks and otherwise dominates her way through everything from Motown hits to obscure southern soul with no mind for consequence.

The 'Sinners cut deep into the heart of soul to find their material, moving easily from Motown and Wall of Sound standbys, to regional gems (Philly grooves, Detroit stompers, Muscle Shoals groans and LA dancers), to downright lost classics you never knew existed. Their playbook reads like the catalog at Heaven's record store, and they mine this soulful bounty with class and fire, two-and-a-half minutes at a time.

Cited by critics as a force to be reckoned with in the growing soul revival, the 'Sinners have packed houses wherever they go and brought the dancers back to the floor just when it seemed they were gone for good. In a world full of blaring nothingness and shoe-staring misery, the time has come for good times, fast hustles, stolen kisses and nights to remember; for sweltering dancehalls and loves of lifetimes that don't last the weekend. In a world like this, it takes the World's Greatest Sinners to save your soul.

Your Sinners:
Jordan Valentine, Lead Vocals
Tony Savarino, Guitar
Greg Steinbaugh, Bass
Dennis McCarthy, Drums
Andrew Malone, Keys
Andrew Hickman, Alto & Bari Sax
Kevin Corzett, Tenor & Bari Sax
Georgia Young, Backing Vocals