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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.bangcamaro.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Boston’s Bang Camaro is a five-piece band with twenty lead singers whose music and shows are becoming legendary. The boys mix strut, energy, and arena rock hooks with indie sensibilities, solid musicianship and blazing solos.

MTV, BLENDER MAGAZINE, ROLLING STONE, SPIN MAGAZINE, and BILLBOARD have all picked Bang Camaro as one of the “Top Buzz Bands of the Year”.

The BOSTON PHOENIX describes them as "Headbanger's Ball meets Polyphonic Spree" and named them the “BEST LIVE ACT” at the WFNX Best Music Poll Awards. BOSTON MUSIC AWARDS granted the band two titles “OUTSTANDING ROCK BAND” and “BEST LOCAL SONG” for “Pleasure (Pleasure)”.

The inclusion of songs in the best selling games Guitar Hero II ™ and ROCK BAND™ has taken Bang Camaro’s music globally. Internet buzz has spread the news of the band worldwide; Their Myspace has reached over 600,000 plays with 30,000 friends (and counting) and YouTube views over 200,000. Fresh off a national tour and an appearance at MTV's Spring Break extravaganza, Bang Camaro continues their aggressive tour schedule coast to coast rocking the roofs off every venue they play, and the proverbial storm of hype is only getting louder.

"Bang Camaro is more than a metal band. It is its own metal universe… Fear not: Bang Camaro has come to save our sorry, rock-depleted souls, and it's taking no prisoners".
- The Boston Globe

“This'll bring you right back to the 80s. In a GOOD WAY! That guitar will go straight to your gut. You'll start nodding your head. Are we ready for a hair metal renaissance? Well, we don't have MTV to help us along, but the music delivers! This is to play at home, LOUD! … It FEELS GOOD!”-- Bob Lefsetz, The Lefsetz Letter