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Genre: Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.katiesawicki.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
300 Miles

Good Girls


Evolved from years of playing coffeehouses and dive bars, Katie Sawicki’s version of indie folk is about lyrics, harmony, and songwriting that sticks with you. Handed down by the influences of Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Gillian Welch and the most prolific of the underground independent folk scene. “This is one of the most captivating songwriters I have heard in a long time,” says Dennis Halsey of Best Female Musicians.

"Katie's thoughtful songwriting, powerful guitar-playing and natural easy presence onstage wins over even the toughest crowds," says singer songwriter Edie Carey. Sharing the stage with Melissa Ferrick, Edie Carey, Garnet Rogers, Pamela Means and others of a similar folk
genre, Sawicki has only recently entered the full time music world.
After puttering around EPs for years, in 2002, ‘Scrapbook’ was released—a live recording from the best of Sawicki’s first shows in Ithaca, NY. But after some touring, a move to Brooklyn NY, and newfound ardor for independent music, Sawicki released ‘Black Boots’, her first studio album, in April 2004. ‘Black Boots’ is a compilation of a new genre-bending indie—a singer songwriter’s modern folk interpretation of blue-grass, rock and sing along. Nominated for a 2005 Best Debut Female Recording from Outmusic, 'Black Boots' creates the growing space for a new kind of indie folk.

Sawicki’s new album ‘For the Quiet’, released March 2006, explores the many forms of contemporary and traditional folk in a new set of sophisticated indie songs. “For the Quiet” is comforting, mobilizing and a great driving companion.