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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/highwayjackson

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Highway Jackson hails from Portland, Maine with a sound that can't be described as anything other than "incredible". Forming in High School, they've stuck together through the "thick and thins" of a young bands development, and with a new sound, have won over their hometown in less than 6 months. Traveling to Philadelphia and back the group gained momentum to release their first EP funded by countless shows and house parties. When asked what HJ sounds like, lead singer Kris Rodgers says it's tough to describe, "It's a cross between intellectual reading and hard-core porn, if that sounds like anything".
Recent concert reviewer Wendy Deschenes of the Maine Musicians Exchange describes the band as "the sound of adrenaline pumped, slightly modernized hair metal of the 80's, with killer guitar riffs and excellent vocals… Individually they are all very talented musicians. There is an obvious comradery that makes their show that much more enjoyable. They have a large fan base from the barely legal to those who are a little more 'mature', and they definitely keep the crowd moving. When the set was over and they were trying to tear down the crowd was still calling for an encore."
Mixed and produced by John Wyman at The Halo in Portland, ME and mastered by John Roberts at Omnisound Studios in Nashville, TN, Highway Jackson will be releasing its debut EP in the summer of 2007. They will tour the northeast in support of their EP, with plans for a follow up, full-length album, in the spring of 2008. For more information please contact Kris Rodgers via email at rodgers.kris@gmail.com or visit www.highwayjackson.com.