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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.thefightingcockshome.com

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Re-united and reformed in late 2005 after a ten-year break, the Boston-based group, The Fighting Cocks, are poised to become – once again - one of the best-loved bands in Boston and the suburban area. The current line-up consists of original band members Jaimie Sever (lead singer), Charlie Leger (guitar & harmonica), and Tommy Leger (drums), along with newcomers Joyce Sampson, who replaced bass guitarist John "Jonesy" Pitingalo, and Paul “Dee” Stroy who fills the large boots of guitarist Geoff Abraham, and Scotty O’Brien on Hammond B-3 and piano.

The group’s gritty, guitar-driven original rock ala the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Guns-N-Roses, and the Black Crowes quickly put them at the top of the list for acts to see in Boston in the 1990s. Their performance was so intense that “Slash” of Guns-N-Roses jumped on stage for an impromptu jam when he was in town. At the time, they were managed by Charlie McKenzie, well-known manager of the internationally-renowned band, Boston, and the Black Jacks. The old Fighting Cocks developed an almost fanatical following and they left their indelible mark on Boston's music scene.

The new line-up rocks as hard as the original one. The few shows they have performed since reforming have generated press interest by The Noise and The Dig in Boston, and the Worcester Telegram, as well as led to upcoming shows at The Middle East in Cambridge and The Lucky Dog in Worcester. Recent performances include Ralph’s in Worcester and shows at well-known Boston-area clubs such as TT the Bears, The Abbey Lounge, and Johnny Ds.