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Genre: Folk, Jazz

Website: http://www.millermeters.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Too Good to Be True

Woman Over Forty Blues


Leslie Miller is a Newport-based singer/songwriter born near Boston in Somerville, MA on May 9, 1960. After being a professional jazz singer for a number of years, Leslie has turned her focus on her own songs. "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SONG," Leslie says. "I can't control if they're jazzy, folk, or country...it just depends on the theme. The only way I can describe it is that they are given to me and they take me where they want to go...I really have no control over it!" Whatever style they manifest themselves in, her songs are melodic and upbeat, characterized by candid lyrics. She is known to make audiences smile at the clever way she coins phrases to express thoughts we have all had at one time or another. She can be heard at local coffee houses and events.

Discography: 2000: "My Own Style "