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Genre: Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.babiesinlimbo.net


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There had to be cosmic forces afoot when Joe Lemerise, Joey Whipp and Brian Viveiros pooled their creative energies together to form Babies In Limbo. Even though all three attended the same high school, they would have never imagined they would one day form a band together. Lemerise, (drummer), was originally a guitarist. He only picked up the sticks after Viveiros, (bass), purchased a drum kit and they agreed to play some covers along with Whipp on (vocals, guitars, keyboards). From this loose partnership a baby was born.

Self-described as “Ob-rock,” or objective-rock, Babies have sought to create a sonic landscape culled from many various contemporary and classical influences. The music is full of life and defies being placed into a category or genre. Babies attribute this to their organic creative process.

“The plan is that we don’t have a plan, musically,” says Viveiros.

This philosophy allows the trio to explore and experiment with sound. Because of that, Babies is very much a collaborative effort and is not centered on any particular member.

“It’s not like we come in with music written when we get together,” says Lemerise. “We just play together and see what happens.”

“Yeah, you’re not going to see one of our songs with just one of our names on it,” says Whipp.

In just a short amount of time Babies has gained a regional reputation for their live show. They have played the legendary CBGB’s in addition to venues throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including Middle East, Cambridge and regularly at The Century Lounge, Providence.

Babies in Limbo: j. whipp, b. viveiros, j, lemerise, & m. connor