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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.harriscore.com

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Mike and Matt first met while attending U-Mass Lowell in the Fall of 2000. Their main bond
was a love of underground music, from soft indie-rock to hardcore. Both had been in bands
in high school and had similar ideas of what they wanted to do with music. Before relocating
the band to Boston, the lineup was solidified with the additions of Rob on drums, Jon on
guitar, and Jim on keyboards.
Three weeks after Jim joined the band, Harris embarked on a three-and-a-half week tour out
to California and back armed with a trailer full of equipment, and CD cases filled with albums
by the Weakerthans, the Dismemberment Plan, Chisel, At the Drive In, Trans-Am,
Drive Like Jehu, Beck, and Refused. Matt ended up with stitches in his head, Jon had all of his
valuables stolen, and Mike had killed a buzzard with the windshield of the mini-van. What tour
is complete without human and animal sacrifice?
When all was said and done Harris had performed in 23 new cities. Before leaving for another
extensive tour, the quintet decided to write sharper, more ambitious material. For a year they
tested their new songs in Boston, Providence, New York, and Philadelphia rock clubs,
basements, and VFW halls. They soon decided it was time to start tracking for their first
full-length release.