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Genre: Alternative Rock, Country, Folk, Jazz, Rock

Website: http://www.cassavettesmusic.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


THE SHORT STORY -- Relatively simple. Three of four guys from Texas, friends from high school and previous bands, relocate to Boston at various times. They start a folk-rock (or however you choose to classify it) group with a native Mass boy. They play music people seem to like, they make records that are fun to listen to, and everyone is happy. So, be friends with them. Come see that at one of their many popular shows.

THE LONG STORY -- Our tale begins beneath an angry Texan sun, circa 2003, where two well-groomed and handsome gentlemen by the monikers of Glenn Eric Yoder and Michael Eoghan McCullagh begin to plot and scheme.

The goal: To rock n' roll.

The two were bandmates and chums when Glenn left Dallas for college in Boston, Massachusetts, where he played many successful solo concerts and gained much support and broke many hearts. Nearly 2,000 miles away, in Austin, Mike did the exact same thing. Apart, they were impressive and still very good looking, but the decision was made for Mike to move to Boston and join Glenn in a magnificent band by the handle of Cassavettes.

Skip forward to summer 2005. Scott Jones of the popular band Seawall has left his native Texas to jump on this ship. And in June, they added the final piece -- Matt Snow on drums. Things are coming together brilliantly. You can expect your heart to be broken, but more importantly, you can expect quality music from these debonair young roustabouts.