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Genre: Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.jeremysongs.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


You could call Jeremy Facknitz a late bloomer. He didn't even pick up a guitar until he was 18 years old, when his aunt decided to pass down her old Yamaha acoustic to Jeremy as Christmas gift. Thanks in part to a beginners book, he quickly taught himself the 4 chords it takes to be a songwriter, and within a few short months found himself in local talent shows and various basement bands. In 1997 he made the trek upstairs and joined the Detroit-based band The Ottomans (2001 Best New Alternative Band, Detroit Music Awards). Jeremy donned the bass guitar for the project, was the main music contributor to the groups compositions. After The Ottomans parted ways in 2002, Jeremy and brother Jarod formed under the moniker Standing Room Only - and shared their not-so-subtle mix of deadly serious and comedic songs with intimate coffee shop gatherings throughout the mid-west. Since going solo in September 2003, Jeremy's played all over the midwest and parts of New England. With the release of what Jeremy calls his first TRUE solo CD "What A Day!", Jeremy is booking dates all over the country as part of his first nationwide tour.