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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk

Website: http://www.apassingfeeling.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


A PASSING FEELING is {from l to r}:
Matthew Saporito: Drums
James Miele: Guitar, Vocals
Bryan Miltenberg: Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Christian Cangemi: Bass, Vocals

This is the soundtrack to bloody knuckles. This is indie-punk. These are the hearts and souls of four young men from New York. This is "A PASSING FEELING", or "How to Never Sleep Ever". A PASSING FEELING formed in May of 2005. In August, after a sweat-hot summer in the darkest and dirtiest clubs of New York and an East Coast tour, the boys exchanged blood shots (pour a shot glass three-quarters full, fill the rest with a partner's blood and repeat) with 75 or Less Records, home of indie heros Mike Watt (ex-Minutemen) and the Staggering Statistics (ex-Afghan Whigs). Half the bare-bones youthfulness of early Guided By Voices, half the floor-punching intensity of their post-punk contemporaries, and half straight whiskey, A PASSING FEELING is the east coast's answer to whatever shit the west coast is talking. The future finds the band releasing its self-titled EP on December 13th in both a standard pressing and a Limited Edition 250-count special handscreened pressing, available to buy and stream on www.apassingfeeling.com. 2006 will bring both east coast and national tours. The gameplan? Put out records, hit the road, and stay hungry. The dress code for any A PASSING FEELING show? Simply this, as always: bring the phlegm, kill the lights and there will be blood, sweat and booze to go around.