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Genre: Alternative Rock, Rock, Solo

Website: http://www.cdbaby.com/gr8trax

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Big Trouble Tonight

NoWhere To Run


Songwriter Mark Joyce has been quietly fine-tuning three minute soundscapes in his remote subterranean studio since he learned to press “Record”.. The notoriously reclusive composer has a deep and wide catalog with a tremendous variety of material. From British-style ol’ school pop, to Delta inspired hard rockin blues numbers, to movie soundtrack instrumentals, it’s a unique blend of musical influences. Through a fortunate confluence of events, these songs are easily available online to anyone with an open mind. Assisted by the Lake Arcadia Sonic Research Team they continue to create, refine and produce interesting stereo product. Pre-production sessions are currently underway for tinyHUGE 5 and a Great Caesar’s Ghost retrospective. Assisted by long time co-conspirator Ed Morrill (Drums-Percussion), along with Bob Enik & Tom Lally (Guitars) he has been a fortunate beneficiary of group chemistry and a series of inspirational muses. (www.cdbaby.com/th)
Phil Calson (Harp/Vocals/Percussion) & Mike Hennrikus (Bass) round out the live lineup. This wacky crew of lifelong friends continues to mystify with eccentric sounds…

The casual alliance known as tinyHUGE is an assortment of vintage kindred spirits who have been recording an interesting blend of “Adult Contemporary”, Roots Rock/Pop with a hint of Country Blues since before the turn of the century. Album tracks are available all over the web and wherever fine downloads are sold.