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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.oldetime.com/jhc

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Off the Boat


Since forming in 1997 Jeepers H Crackers (or more affectionately known as JHC) has risen to the top of the music scene to become the most influential band ever. JHC is known for playing their own brand of shitty ska-punk-pop-hardcore-thrash-77 style. Coming from the mean streets of Abington Massachusetts, Jimmy H. (vocals) and Jeff (guitar) started JHC to knock the local punk rock scene on its ass. After several name and line up changes the ass kicking would commence. Joining the 2 young punks were Steve (Drums) and Tom (bass). With this line-up JHC recorded and released the F-Word EP and Is That a Gang Symbol. The full-length album Is That a Gang Symbol achieved some success and the band was asked to make live concert appearances. After a year of rokken local shows and a lackluster bass-less summer tour, JHC returned to the studios to record their next album. After the demos were recorded Tom left the band due to creative differences. Local bass hero Donut Dan was brought in to play bass. After a long exile from the public eye JHC reemerged with a brand new studio EP called Squeeze it in and Bite the Burger. After being released in September of 2001, Squeeze it in and Bite the Burger was one of the hottest selling CDs on Interpunk.com. In support of the EP, JHC played a series of sold out shows with friends and Boston favorites Jaya the Cat and 12cent. In 2002 JHC and Donut Dan parted ways, so the band hired long time roadie/band bitch Ed Donahue to play bass. The band was so happy with Ed they even wrote a song about him. After setting another line-up in stone, JHC went into the studio and produced their best work to date, entitled Champs. Champs is 15 songs that epitomizes the JHC sound. It is set to be released late summer/ early fall.