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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/vettemusic


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


"Simply put: they sound like sex," says Jay Levitt (one of AOL's founding members). Vette delivers their own specially formulated potion for the main stream's darker side. Experimental yet consumeable pop that a wide swath of the mainstream could easily appreciate.
The touseled vixen, songwriter Jonny Vette fronts her all male band as the chic singer. As a lyricist and songwriter, she's got something to say, and with the exception of a few co-written songs, she writes all the material for this band.
What sets them apart is their sound. Ms. Vette's poetic, often story based lyrics and luscious melodies weaved into pop, and wrapped up in the dizzy artistry of guitar player Josh Klein, contributes a lot to the originality of VETTE. Yet the flare of drummer Nic Rochefort, creativity guitar player David Manegold, and the steady thick bass lines of Alex Goumas all contribute their own pieces of unique dazzle and charm to this somewhat naughty looking (and sounding) band.
Defineable as indie pop, cherry rock, or maybe even sex pop, they are an "indie band" that wanders the border between 'rocklandia' and 'popspace' with some challenging expressive stories and vocals, combined with pop-like repetitions, some mid tempo, almost trip hop grooves, and many singable choruses. Overall the music is commercial with a focus on 3-4 minute songs (with the occasional addition of an extended guitar solo or two for live shows), but it's more intriguing than many new bands on the radio, and more melodic than what might be considered an "indie band" sound. Listen for vestiges of Portishead, Garbage, Lovage, Elysian Fields, Massive Attack, Blondie, Cat Power...