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Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.myspace.com/thirdrailboston

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Dark Ages

Take That


This is Boston's Original Third Rail! They were labeled one of Boston's very first punk rock bands in 1975, well before the Sex Pistols hit the scene. They are still going strong! THIRD RAIL has had many members in the band's life span. Some include (but not limited to): Richard Nolan, Lead Singer, Songwriter; Gary Soprano, Guitar, Vocals; David Birmingham, Drums.
Some other musicians who have played with the band in the past include: Meener Sheene, Guitar, Vocals; Chuck Myra, Drums; Fred Pineau, Guitar; TB Player, Bass; Ricky Martin, Drums; Mr. Curt, Guitar, Vocals Ricci LaCentra, Drums; Lenny DuPont, Guitar; John Roy, Bass; Jack Morgan, Guitar; Alan Fiske, Keyboards; Bill Solum, Bass; Matt Allen, Drums; Mark Bain, Drums; Mike Powers, Guitar; Craig Magee, Guitar; Billy Clarke, Guitar; Billy Rosenthal, Keyboards; Neal Martin, Guitar; Marty White, Bass; Boyan, guitar. Richard Nolan, along with founding member Gary Soprano and drummer David Birmingham are working in David Minehan's Woolly Mammoth recording studio cutting new tracks. Included here on The Phoenix Band Guide website are 2 songs, DARK AGES produced by Ric Ocasek, and a studio version of TAKE THAT, which was also arranged by Ric Ocasek of The Cars.