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Genre: Rap

Website: http://www.immortalzhiphop.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Slow Ya Roll

No Match


Death comes in all forms, shapes and sizes. In every walk of life, in every part of the world death could be right around the corner. "I got my head ran over by a truck when I was a little kid!" says IMZ's smooth rhyming Ang-ILL. As a matter of fact, every member of IMZ has a had a near death or life changing experiance at one time or another. "Man, I've had 3 seperate times where I was seconds, inches or a breathe away from dying. But I'm here and I'm a stronger man for it." proclaims IMZ's hard-lined emcee Fork Tongue. The other 2 members, Memory and Fatal have similar experiances. "That's what brings us together! We're together because we all beat death, it's all in the plans...it's scripted." says Memory, which stands for Make Every Man Openly Respect You. Incase you were wondering, IMZ is short for Immortalz, obviously because of the groups uncanny ability to avoid their final destination. "We aren't here because we want to be here...we were chosen. Life without death, this is our destiny." proclaims Fatal, IMZ's aggressive master of the microphone. IMZ has something for everybody. Each member is vastly differant from the other and all are very flexible and well rounded. From street rap, to club bangers, to politics, to love IMZ covers it all. With beats from in-house producer Demarco who combines elements of classical music, underground hip hop, commercial rap and yes, even rock n' roll IMZ is the next generation of hip hop. Rhode Island may finally have the marketable rap group it needs to break out and be recognized. The name is IMZ...and they will not die.

You can download IMZ music at immortalzhiphop.com and myspace.com/imzimmortalzhiphop