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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Rock

Website: http://www.gavinelder.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


In October 2004, Gavin Elder went to Nashville with nine songs. With the help of drummer/ producer Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo) and engineer/producer Charlie Brocco, the nine songs were completed in 11 days. During recording at the Hum Depot in Nashville, the three collaborators furiously switched between various brilliant- and horrible-sounding guitars and keyboards to create the perfect soundscape for each tune. All of this madness resulted in Rock and/or Roll, featuring Gavin playing all of the instruments, except for the drums (Ken Coomer), brass section (Sonic Fedora), and clarinet (Jim Hoke).

The record is both thematically and instrumentally varied. The first song, “Hum,” opens with the hypnotic pulse of several syncopated synthesizers, generating a steady groove, followed by the alluring first line “She’s got a circuit in her blood that makes her body hum.” The pounding insistence of “Hum” downshifts into the spare “Holes,” a home movie that’s missing a few frames. Continuing on, the evolutionary pop of “Subject 99” switches to the waking crescendo of “Slow Boat”; the frantic ragtime of “The War of Alice Ann” is replaced by the opiated dynamics of “Dr. Gerald E. Bunker,” which recedes into the psychedelic carousel of “Grean Devil.” The penultimate song, “My Big Head,” thinks its way into the final song, “Next Time Around.” The record ends with the speaker hoping to devolve into a jellyfish, a razor blade, and, finally, a rabbit.