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Genre: Blues/R&B, Rock

Website: http://www.thevoodoobrew.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


As with most local bands, it all starts with several members of other bands/acts, the prospect of more beer, toilet humor, and escapism for life’s day to day grind. Looking for yet another way to delay his entry into adulthood and for a way to stay out of trouble at the Levie Family Ham Jam, Boutch asked the members of Muscles of Justice & the Bill Evans Experience if they were ready to rock. As luck would have it, they were. The Roasted Nuts were formed, and when they were not booed from the grounds at the Levie Family Compound, these Nuts realized they might be onto something, but that something needed one more element. That final ingredient was one more piece in order to round out the sound. From the mean streets of Wenham Massachusetts, came the final ingredient to this Voodoo Brew, Nigel Young III, a boy with love for fast cars and soulful guitars….and the rest of the story shall forever be a part of infamy. With high energy material and shows, the Voodoo Brew have a strong following who enjoy getting Brewed.