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Genre: Rap

Website: http://www.feddhill.com

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Federal Delivery


Fedd Hill is New England's most authentic and energetic hip-hop act. Based out of Providence, Rhode Island, Fedd Hill embodies the notion of street credibility. After bleeding together in a tragic accident that claimed the life of a dear friend one exit away from the Federal Hill section of Providence, Rhode Island, the group decided to honor their fallen comrade’s memory with the name Fedd Hill.

Centuries ago, the hard-working immigrant families of Federal Hill took their lives and fortunes into their own hands to make a path for themselves doing whatever it took to survive. Today, the members of Fedd Hill the rap group continue their own hustles on the street, just to stay alive. The group’s main artists comprise an eclectic mix of talent and personality. Alipone, the charismatic hood politician; Jahpan, the contemplative hip hop purist; and Trigga Trens, embodiment of a street hustler have created their own style which they deem: “distinguished hood.” “Come to my house,” says Alipone, “and you’ll find guns and blunts, but you’ll also find hot tea and the guns are tucked away behind the cushions of the recently upholstered couch.” Jahpan says that “Fedd Hill offers a new breed of hip-hop music that serves as the voice of New England.” Trigga Trens adds, “Our inspiration comes from our hustle. If you're sour in the streets, then you're gonna die. I do this for my family. Everything that I spit I do.” Reggae rapper Prince Fire and emotional lyricist Richie Rags complete the dominant hip-hop team. The group bases their music on real-life events and many of their tracks tell stories of courage, heartbreak and the hunger for a better world.

Fedd Hill exhibits an entrepreneurial attitude and embraces teamwork as a mantra for how to get to the top of the hip-hop game. Fedd Hill is more than a rap group. It is a family. It is a business. It is a way of thinking. It is a way of life. Fedd Hill means passionately pursuing what you do and "going all out" until you reach your goal. Some people join the Fedd Hill movement in order to follow their dreams. For others, Fedd Hill offers a path away from the guns, drugs and poverty that surround them. In the end, Fedd Hill represents integrity, loyalty and ambition expressed through real hip-hop music and street culture. Fedd Hill invites you to join the movement and become part of the team. Come Fly with us. Fedd Hill is Here.