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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Rock

Website: www.hemlok.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Hope's Silent Scream



With both haunting atmospheres and frenetic rock arrangements, Hemlok exists as both a true live progressive experience and a studio marvel. Dark textures and surreal soundscapes coalesce into tight, driving song structures.

Hemlok was formed with the thought of creating different music that would lend itself to dramatic live performance. These performances formed the very definition of their music, less a presentation of songs and more a soundtrack to some otherworldly event. Though this may sound abstract, it's not: Hemlok's music is at once surreal and rocking, able to please those left of center and still feature at events such as the New England Punk, Goth and Metal Festival at the Worcester Palladium and the Rock the Ink Festival in Providence. Taking cues from bands such as A Perfect Circle, Rush, King Crimson, and Muse writing began on songs that had one foot firmly in solid rock and the other in textural detail more in line with bands like Radiohead, early Genesis, and Tool. Songs could open with a dramatic, droning bowed guitar fanfare and quickly give way to schizophrenic band interplay, held together by standout vocal or instrumental themes. Electric sitar could play counterpoint to a sensual violin, and odd meter bars comfortably sit behind 3 part harmony.

Hemlok always puts songs and strong musical themes at the heart of all their music, but ensures a listener a journey with that music - always both curious and atmospheric.