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Genre: Comedy, Rock

Website: http://FoAmissioncontrol.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
dear Aerosmith


Fortress of Attitude is a ragtag band of rock extremists, willing to spread rock and roll through ANY MEANS NECESSARY.
When the four founding members of Fortress of Attitude (Bomb Threat, Sniper Kitty, Butch Deadlift and Dr. Genius) were thrust together in the infamous rock work camps of Country Radio City, they vowed if they ever found a way out, they would dedicate their lives to absolute rock liberation. It wasn’t long before Dr. Genius assembled a master escape plan, and the quartet fled to safety in the sewers beneath Rocktropolis, the last free city in the Union. There, they erected their mighty Fortress of Attitude, welcoming all those who still believe in the freedom of rock.

From the Fortress, this group of radical insurgents coordinates tactical strikes wherever rock is oppressed in an effort to spread their doctrine of a free rock society.

Thank you for joining the fight. You are a dutiful soldier and will be rewarded handsomely upon the liberation of rock and roll. To find out how you can further help the resistance, please visit www.foamissioncontrol.com. See you on the march!