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Genre: A Cappella, Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Comedy, Experimental, Metal/Hardcore, Jazz, Punk, Rock, World Music

Website: http://www.barycoiseorchestra.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Have a craving for the toy accordion?

How about the spoons?

How about the feet of a couch banged together?

Or is traditional more your thing,
- guitars?
- keyboards?
- drums?
- bass?

A whole bunch of improvisation and creativity mixed with an equal amount of talent and energy – let me introduce you to the Barycoise Orchestra!

The Barycoise Orchestra is a group of six musically inclined friends, who after years of sitting around talking about music, finally got the notion to come together and mix their unique talents in their very own orchestra. The band consists of David Paul (Guitar/SFX), James Boyer (Percussion), Tim Pereira (Bass), Adam Lawrence (Keys/SFX), Kevin Fernandes (Bass/Toys) and Scott Michael (Guitar).

When playing a venue, they like to have as much fun with the audience as possible. They interweave jokes and stories right along with their music. The also enjoy having friends come up and perform with them. Stage regulars include Jay Costa (Percussion/SFX/Didgeridoo/Banter) and John Benoit (Hand Percussion).

Influenced by such musical geniuses as Mr. Bungle, Frank Zappa, Primus and Pink Floyd, they are still able to keep a sound all their own – which appears to be a hard thing since there are so many copycat bands flooding the scene. They have recently put on shows with other local acts such as Bob’s Day Off, Kobalt, Dr. Doctor, Anemone, Brzowski, and Meghan Smith. Every gig seems to bring a larger crowd in – which means the word on the Barycoise Orchestra is making its way around, and the word is good!

Check them out for yourself at their website: www.barycoiseorchestra.com, and if you’re lucky enough, see them live – you’ll leave knowing your time was well spent, a lot of laughs and a lot of great music…that’s a promise!