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Genre: Experimental, Folk, Solo

Website: http://myspace.com/songsoftheend

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
no suprises



"hushed, haunting, otherworldly...VERDICT Gorgeously strange." - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Four Stars - MOJO Magazine : "The Lorelei of the New American Pastoral"

Four Stars - UNCUT

All Music Guide- 4 stars - AMG pick:

"They talk of loss, death, grief, the brokenness in love, transgression, and the appearance of being able to move freely among these very strong emotions while becoming so informed by them: her world view and her heart's view are not only informed by them, but inseparable from them. Nadler has written a song suite here that fully articulates her strongest gifts: she never has to reach for notes, only to open her mouth and they pour like honey, slowly, purposefully, and look at the smaller entrances where her imaginative narratives enter the human being and root themselves there for lifetimes. There are no seams in this album, and to quote her lyric poetry out of the context from the music would be an injustice.

Song III is not to be compared with any of the recordings of her contemporaries. She falls for none of the traps, she communicates with a kind of gentle candor that is unsettling, elegant, and utterly graceful. This is music that is violent in its ability to shift the listener's attention toward it, but it is delivered gently, slowly, and purposefully. For those who have been seduced by the works of Buffy Sainte-Marie's Illuminations album, Tom Rapp's later solo work, the recordings of Bill Fay, late Current 93, Antony, Michael Cashmore, Leonard Cohen's early material, or the middle period records of Pearls Before Swine, this is certainly for you.... Disturbing, beautiful and unforgettable, Song III: Bird on the Water is among the most arresting recordings of 2007 thus far and sets a new high-water mark for this seemingly limitless songwriter. " - All Music Guide, 2007

TIME OUT LONDON: "...Nadler's velveteen voice posesses the power to coax angels from the clouds. On site, you'd probably describe her as a cross between Sandy Denny, Nick Cave, and Vampira, and she wouldn't look out of place standing next to Camden lock with a Woodpecker in her hand.."

PITCHFORK Recommended Record: "..[in the].gorgeous, incredibly isolated Songs III would have it, there's plenty worth waiting for. "