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Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues/R&B, Punk

Website: http://www.badjamie.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
The One

Mollie's Alright


After years of playing together in different incarnations during high school (leading to a Boston Music Award for singer Johnny Modern and his band Lux), Johnny, Jeffrey, Jonathan and Nate picked up and left for the city of sin.

Though originally from Boston, the group began turning heads in 2003 while performing as deathoftheparty to New York City club-goers. After experimenting in other genres they came back to their rock roots and became what is now Bad Jamie. The group formed various attempts and projects culminating in a weekend-long event highlighting local performers, artists, designers, and featuring the earliest works of Bad Jamie.

The moment shook Bad Jamie out of the big apple and down under, where the scene was fresh and the air was clean. Well-written, melodic guitar rock was alive and well in Sydney and Melbourne and Bad Jamie felt right at home. Determined to make their own mark, the band organized performances where they felt most comfortable, playing to small over-crowded parties, packed and confused take-away restaurants, commuter rail train carriages, dodgy hotels, and midnight shows atop city buildings.

Bad Jamie were Boston finalists in the Emergenza International Music Festival, with consecutive sold out shows at the Avalon and Paradise in Boston, MA. Coming off an opening slot with Def Leppard and Journey at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA, Bad Jamie is showcasing at this years NEMO Music Festival, and has dates booked throughout the fall. Currently finishing their untitled 7-song EP slated for release in October of 2006, BAD JAMIE can consistently be found around the Northeast playing their patented yet refreshing brand of scuzz-pop.

You haven't heard Bad Jamie until you've seen them perform. And you haven't seen them until you've been a part of a sold-out show at a venue you never knew existed by a band none of your friends have heard of.