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Genre: Celtic/Irish, Folk, Rock

Website: http://www.thelarkinbrigade.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Banana Republic

Planxty John L.


The Larkin Brigade are a loud and fast Irish folk band from Boston. We play very rockin' piano-driven renditions of old-school rebel songs and other sing-along pub favorites, plus a growing number of originals. In other words, if the Wolfe Tones had sex with Ben Folds Five, and then, nine months later, a tearful Ben Folds Five left a bassinet on the doorstep of a bewildered Minor Threat, who, after attempting to raise the little bundle itself, passed the kid off into the social services system, where it went through a series of foster homes including the Pogues and Blood for Blood, before it was taken under the wing of the Rolling Stones, who paid for it to take piano lessons from Scott Joplin and then Jerry Lee Lewis, each of whom in turn kicked the kid out of class for not practicing, and finally the kid ran away and worked in an Irish pub, where it osmotically memorized every song in the book while mopping puke off the floor, until one day the Wolfe Tones walked in to order a pint and recognized its own offspring running cases of Magner's behind the bar, and, after a brawl that caused thousands of dollars in damage and a bar tab that cost hundreds, bestowed upon the kid a lucky cladagh ring with special powers, then that kid would grow up to be the Larkin Brigade