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Genre: Blues/R&B, Funk, Rap, Rock

Website: http://www.vmfband.com


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Masterfully introducing their ultimate goal to unite funk, rock, R&B, and hip hop listeners around the globe the nine member band known as VMF has established itself as one of the most sought after original bands from Massachusetts. The sound of VMF merges these genres together, creating universal musical satisfaction in a theater of unbalanced cravings. By blending the old sounds with the new this band has done what few others have ever attempted; VMF has walked past the trend-setters and beyond the specified realms of musical styles to design a cross-generation, multicultural, unstoppable powerhouse.

In the Spring of 2003 VMF was born and headquartered at Dick Johnson’s Music Center in Brockton, Massachusetts. The original concept for the band materialized from the mind of guitarist/songwriter Varis Ozols and further developed by Skip Spoerke (trumpet), Rich Milne (drums/vocals), George Pedro (guitar/vocals), and Jesse Thomas (bass). Within a month they had combined their musical influences and talents to write funk tunes such as “Skip’s Theme” and “The Runaround.” In April 2003 the band debuted these songs and others under the name “the Goods” at a popular college bar called Our Place in Bridgewater, Massachusetts as a determining test run of how their music could fair in the music industry. Over the next several months while continuing to write new music the band relocated to East Bridgewater, Massachusetts and reorganized its members, losing Jesse Thomas and adding Manny Barros (lead vocals/songwriter), Dave Kennedy (bass/vocals/songwriter), and Darrell Morey (trombone).

It was early 2004 that the band decided on the name VMF, which was originally intended to be the initials for Various Musical Forces. Thanks to the fans of VMF these initials have now taken on many different meanings, to include definitions like Vibrating Marsupial Foundation and Vanity Muppet Forum. Advertising themselves simply as VMF the band released a self-titled EP and bombarded the eastern seaboard of Massachusetts with performances. Within three months VMF was gaining public interest via newspaper articles of several local papers and commercial radio play on Cape Cod’s PIXY 103, being declared “impressive” and “unparalleled.”

Adding Mark Erickson on trumpet in July hatched the uninhibited sound of the VMF Horns – Mark on lead trumpet, Skip on solo trumpet, and Darrell on trombone. The redesigned horn section was first heard and seen by the public in 2004 during a competition sponsored by PIXY 103, where VMF was declared the “Best Garage Band of the Year.” Since then, VMF has continued dominating the stage in shows throughout Massachusetts at venues such as the Hard Rock Cafe, the Avalon, the Paradise ,and the Middle East in Boston; Sean O’Tooles in Plymouth; Beachcomber in Quincy; and Shay’s, the Halftime, and Sundancers on Cape Cod. One of the band’s more impressive feats recently was earning the award for “Best Sound and Visual Performance” while VMF bassist Dave Kennedy also took home the “Best Bass Player” award at the US finals for the Emergenza Battle of the Bands in July 2005.

Grover, VMF’s rap artist and MC best sums it all up with: “Hey yo, welcome to the show. Everybody gather ‘round the front row. Listen up and get close to me; VMF is the essence of what a band is supposed to be.”