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Genre: Comedy, Funk, Metal/Hardcore, Punk, Rock, Bluegrass

Website: http://www.cartblanch.com

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For over a decade CartBlanch has bewildered, enlightened, amused and enraged music fans of all types. Biker-chick-metal-heads to theologians to dancing downs-syndrome-teenagers assert "CartBlanch really strives to meet my needs".

Here's our secret.

Step 1. Original music
From the first show at the RumRunner in Geneva NY in the spring of 1994 to the unforgetable Halloween 2003 Cockstume party at the Choppin Block in Boston's Mission Hill, CartBlanch delivers club goers the exception to the rule of coverbands.

We can play over 4 hours of original music without a bathroom break. And you won't hear the same song twice, at least not on the same instrument or with the same arrangement.

Now that's original.

Step 2. Day Job
As gainfully employed wage slaves we don't rely on popularity to pay the bills. We are free to do what we want.

Hurray for the day job.

Step 3. Power Trio
Every instrument is created equally. And some are created more equally. We use our instruments to that end while focusing on process.

Power. Trio.

Step 4. Line up
Matt Haenlin on guitar, bass and vocals. Dewey Rogers on guitar, bass and vocals. Matt Dodson on drums and percussion.