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Genre: Blues/R&B

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Jesse James

Walkin' Blues


Hoboe was founded by Ben Meiklejohn in 1999, in order, in order to provide an outlet for the musical expression of an oboe amplified and processed through various sound effects. A variety of Portland musicians have accompanied "Zen Ben" on stage as Hoboe. Mostly original, with some covers highlighting the culture of travel, trains, and hoboes, Hoboe has played 17 shows in the Portland area, has never been the same band twice, and has had over 20 Portland area musicians as participants. This 5/10/200 version of Hoboe consists of:

Zen Ben Meiklejohn, acoustic guitar, oboe, and vocals

Doug Emery, electric guitar

Darryl Bleuse, drums

Brendan Reilly, bass guitar

Dave Gagne, percussion