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Genre: Experimental, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.ho-ag.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Straight Shaker



Though still operating somewhere deep in the underground of indie art-rock circles, Ho-Ag has slowly been amassing a scrappy pile of critical praise and bewilderment in the wake of their live show blitzes across the country and their late 2006 album The Word from Pluto.

Fronted by the hyperactive guitar-synth frazzle of Matt Parish and Tyler Derryberry with the impossible drumming of Eric Meyer (of Misra Records’ Hallelujah the Hills), the machine continues to tramp through the country like a robot zombie.

Now in lineup version 3.0 (guitarist Patrick Kim and bassist Nkls Ward recently having been replaced by Kristina Johnson and Ryan Brown), Ho-Ag is hitting the road again in late April their rusty, old friend, Handsome the Van.

Johnson, leader of the Boston psych rock band Roh Delikat and former Certainly, Sir vocalist, is at home playing through clunky chains of effects and taking a violin bow to her guitar when it’s called for. Brown, a six-foot-six , 21-year-old bass prodigy, had only been in Boston for 3 months from his homeland of Alaska before he was asked to get on board.