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Genre: Rock

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Passing Car



Formed in Boston in the Spring of 1998, Helicopter Helicopter has released three CDs on Lunch Records: Squids and Other Fishes, Analog and Electrical Fields, and By Starlight. The band has spent most of their weekends trucking up and down the Eastern seaboard, playing their style of electric pop from Maine to Maryland. Sharing the stage, crashing on floors, and swapping shows with fellow bands, they have developed a network from Buffalo to Baltimore, and have risen to headliner status in clubs along the East coast. The band, featuring Chris Zerby, Julie Chadwick, Shawn Setaro, and Ned Gallacher, has just released By Starlight. They will be touring extensively throughout the year in support of their new album.

Brett Milano of the Boston Phoenix says that "Even with the two frontpeople, it’s obvious that everyone in Helicopter Helicopter was on the same wavelength: this is a band newly committed to the joys of the loud pop hook. But it took them three albums to get to this point. The first two had their moments, but the songs tended to get buried under grungy guitars. By Starlight, their first with producer Matthew Ellard, starts right off with a big pop hook and keeps them coming throughout."