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Genre: Rock

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People We Hate

My Day Any Way


It's all-girl, all the time, as these four ferocious rockers blend rap and harmonies similar to the Beastie Boys. Their latest EP is Can't Wait.
Heidi was the subject of a cover story in the Arts section of the Boston Phoenix this past July. In the Phoenix's local music column, Cellars by Starlight, Brett Milano writes:

"Talking to the members of Heidi at the Middle East, I encounter four women with one guiding purpose and one goal in life. This is drummer Lisa Pimentel explaining how the band formed: `We started writing songs because we had to rock; I mean, we really wanted to rock.' This is singer Jilly B explaining why she stopped being a horn player: `Probably out of rebellion, after my last band, Flunky, broke up. And I really needed to rock.' Here's Pimentel again, explaining how guitarist Janet Egan joined the band: `I asked Sandy [bassist Sandy Monticello] if she rocked and Sandy said she did.' And this is Egan explaining why she joined: `I saw them and thought they were awesome; I thought they rocked.'

". . .So far Heidi's sound brings to mind a couple of first-class bands, the Fastbacks and the Muffs, both of whom embrace pop-punk roots without getting trapped by them."

Read Brett Milano's entire article here.