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Genre: Country, Funk, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.elgringomusic.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
The Rest of Me

Radiator Coming


Over the past three years, El Gringo has developed its signature "Cactus Rock" sound, drawing from the diverse musical backgrounds of its seasoned members. Singer / Songwriters Sam Margolis and Greg Moon began writing and recording together in 2003. Moon, fresh from drumming for MC Kabir, had added hip-hop to his repertoire of rock beats and soulful vocals with Allagash 4 and Free Lunch. Margolis was spinning off his popular local Boston-based band Purchase Order, after having spent his high school and college years playing and writing with Blue Merle frontman Lucas Reynolds in hometown Cornwall, Vermont. Purchase Order’s funk-roots bassist Andrew Kramer became the third of the group which added fuel to its fire with the addition of high-energy hard-rock lead guitarist, Bob Moon.

El Gringo’s influences are as idiosyncratic as its choice of name, ranging from Merle Haggard and Frank Zappa, to Little Feat and Widespread Panic. Elements of country, funk, hip-hop, rock, and roots can be heard in the Gringo sound, which has been likened to a Southern-rock Cake or 311.

The stage energy, combined with carefully crafted songs and precise execution distinguish El Gringo as one of the rising groups in New England. The band’s sound is unique, diverse, and totally danceable. As Jane Lindholm, Director and Associate Producer at NPR wrote: "Alt-Country Folk Rock melodies combine with great hooks and catchy lyrics to create a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience."

Since the group's formation, El Gringo has plied its high-energy sound at venues throughout the Northeast. Recent shows have included The Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA), Harper’s Ferry (Allston, MA), Slim’s (Rochester, NH), Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT), Harpoon Brewstock 2006 (South Boston, MA), Bowdoin College (Brunswick, ME), Matt Murphy's Pub (Brookline, MA), Bill’s Bar (Boston, MA), TT the Bear’s Place (Cambridge, MA), M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA), The Burren (Somerville, MA), Amherst College (Amherst, MA), The Baggot Inn (NYC), The New England BBQ Championships (Windsor, VT), and last year’s NEMO music festival. The band recently won the first annual Kiboze Battle of the Bands in Allston, MA having been selected by a panel of music industry veterans and members of the media.

Sharing the stage with acts such as Southern Culture on The Skids, The Fools, The Boston Horns, Three Day Threshold, Pressure Cooker, The Carla Ryder Band, The Everyday Visuals, and The Unbusted, El Gringo continues to absorb varied musical styles into its dynamic lyricism and performance persona. Incorporating a smattering of covers into their sets, El Gringo offers fans a unique perspective on the band’s varied muses such as a boot-stomping country-rock rendition of Rage Against the Machine’s Sleep Now in the Fire.