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Genre: Alternative Rock, Experimental, Punk

Website: http://www.chemistcamp.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Waste Of Space

Music On The Radio


Ryan Renn (guitar/vocals) and Jason Tables (guitar/vocals) met in mid 2003 through a classified ad in the Boston Phoenix. The two guitarists shared common influences and an innovative spirit, forming an immediate artistic lock. After a few months, they teamed up with Victor Navarro (bass) for several recording projects. The three formed Chemist Camp in August of 2004. Playing the first few months with various drummers, they were eventually joined by Justin Vassallo in late October to complete the group. The band spent the next three months writing and rehearsing songs for a demo. The songs were recorded in just 15 hours. The EP, titled "Product: Withdrawn" will be put together and released by the band themselves in mid-2005. Chemist Camp draw upon a wide array of influences from early 90s shoegaze, to 70s punk rock, to 60s psychedelia. Each component is original in itself yet complimentary to the other. Vassallo's drumming, explosive and unique, combined with Navarro's melodic bass lines complete the rhythm section. Tables and Renn play off of one another in their performances. The two combine to create dense collages of sound that fizzle and explode around the rhythm section's foundation. They balance experimentation with straight songwriting to form a mature and innovative sound.