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Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk, Solo

Website: http://www.sonicbids.com/Alexisbabini


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Alexis Babini is a young songwriter currently living in Boston, MA studying at Berklee School of Music. He plays out as an acoustic ‘one man show’, using different pedals and effects to spice up his live act. His songs reflect a combination of pop, jazz, and straight up rock. Altogether he provides an unforgettable concert experience.

Alexis is no stranger to the stage. At the age of 19, he has already fronted a band for two years. In 2004 he left his group, Gabriel’s Groove, to go to Berklee. In the past year Alexis has actively been pursuing a solo career. He has played many stages in Boston including The Virgin Megastore on Mass Ave, The All Asia Café in Cambridge, The Berklee Student Activities center, and has even appeared on the local Waltam television station to play an acoustic set of his own material.

As a child, Alexis was constantly exposed to different types of music. His grandfather, Italo Babini, was a top notch cellist that has played sold out crowds at Carnegie Hall. With a father that grew up in Brazil, Portugese Bossa Nova was constantly played in his household. When he was nine, Alexis’s housekeeper lent him her Beatles tapes and his musical outlook was changed forever. After three years of piano lessons, Alexis took up the guitar. Soon afterwards, he began writing songs.

Today Alexis’s onstage jamming has won him comparisons with the likes of Keller Williams, Tim Reynolds, and Howie Day. His songwriting style, however, draws from many influences ranging from acoustic crooners such as Martin Sexton, Cat Stevens, and Jack Johnson; to mainstream acts such as Coldplay and Maroon 5; to old classics such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and the Doobie Brothers. Alexis has managed to create a unique sound of his own that connects with most audiences. A lot of hard work and creativity has been put into his act, and, quite frankly, it shows.

“[Alexis is] one of the most refreshing young voices in today’s music scene. He shows a remarkable amount of talent at such a young age.” Lisa Wenzel (Director of the ‘Circle of Friends’ Coffeehouse in CT)