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Genre: Electronica, Experimental, Funk, Reggae/Ska/Zydeco, Rock

Website: http://www.greenlemonband.com

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As Green Lemon comes of age on the indie scene, the industry is beginning to take notice and the recognition is pouring in. Just since the beginning of 2005, Green Lemon has been named the "New Home Grown Band of 2004" by Leeway's Home Grown Music Network; one of the "Top Bands to See Live in 2005" by JamBase.com; "Independent Artist of 2004" by Hapi Skratch Entertainment; and "New Groove of the Month" by Jambands.com. In July it was announced that the band was one of 13 winners of the Relix Magazine Jam Off contest to be featured on a compilation CD for national distribution. And Relix Magazine will feature Green Lemon in a winner's showcase concert in New York City in September.

Green Lemon found its origins in the Oklahoma City area in 1999. In 2000, Green Lemon hosted their first open air concert on 400 acres of private land located in Arcadia, Oklahoma. The event, called "The Get Down" was a huge success with over 1,200 in attendance under a supercharged sky of continual lightning bolts. After building a dedicated local fan base in their hometown Green Lemon began to book gigs in surrounding cities. Playing various clubs, bars and ballrooms, they expanded their following and continually filled Oklahoma City's most prestigious live music venues.

In 2001, Green Lemon packed up their gear and headed to Ft. Collins to pursue their futures in Colorado. During the last four years, Green Lemon has captured the attention of new fans and club owners and continues to gain momentum as a touring band.

They are determined to rock the hometowns of as many fans as possible and they are racking up road warrior status having played to crowds from coast to coast.

All this traveling is not uneventful! In April, as the band was leaving a gig in the mountainous area of Durango, Colorado their bus was ambushed by an 800-pound elk. The repaired bus was dubbed "The Elkslayer" and given a killer set of teeth on the front grill. But their beloved tour bus was never quite the same and stranded the band several times. While broken down on the side of the road in South Carolina, a robber posing as a good samaritan mechanic ripped off the band fund. Enough was enough and the band finally purchased a charter bus and customized it to be their home away from home. "The Elkslayer II" is now cruising the highways and byways carrying the tangy sounds of Green Lemon throughout the U.S.

When South Carolina's MetroBeat Magazine caught up with this relentlessly touring band in January, they they found that, “Green Lemon is hardly your typical jam band. Transcending the usual neo-hippie mix of Grateful Dead, Phish and String Cheese Incident-inspired improvisation, the Colorado-based band delivers a wildly eclectic sound that broadly expands the territory a jam band can cover without sacrificing its core.”

Hittin' The Note Magazine says, “This is what happens when five guys from Oklahoma are pinned down in a collision of futuristic electronic music and the historic roots of dub reggae.”

Relix Magazine said, "The band has an almost hypnotic, groove-based sound that flits across genres with reckless abandon and a sense of fun highlighted by the often-whimsical lyrics."

When the band visited Auburn in June, TheCornerNews.com said, “The Fort Collins, Colorado band had Quixote’s on fire Thursday night. I've seen quite a few live shows in Auburn, but I'd have to say this show ranked in my top three. Usually when a band plays Auburn, they bring a watered down show; but Green Lemon pulled out all the stops. Complete with a full light show that only added to the intoxicating sounds they provided.” Green Lemon always travels with a light show and light technician because every show is important to them and they want each audience to hear a unique show and enjoy an incredible visual experience as well.