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Genre: Rock

Website: http://heartshapedrock.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


"I was lucky enough to hear a live recording of Heart Shaped Rock's debut performance at the big easy and this band kicks it right out of the gate. "Glacier" opens with an octave lick and a huge bass line that recalls "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter. "The Devil Song" is anthemic and galloping like the best British metal with an uplifting and soaring vocal melody a la U2." The Bee Song" showcases Bacall's songwriting stripes with a moody alt-rock bass intro, then the guitar crashes in with a melodic riff that is ecqual parts Pearl Jam and Metallica. "Paper Scissors (Karma)" features a killer riff and super-hooky chorus that recalls the Sunset Strip circa 1987.
Sounds intriguing doesn't it? But it would be wrong to make idle comparisons. The potential in these songs is thrilling and mind blowing. In short, these girls -and guy- ROCK. I can't wait to hear the stuff done up in a studio. I predict Mamma San is going to be a massive local release, Lucky 13 be damned." -(Marilyn Zarkos, IT Magazine, Vol. 2, # 15)