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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.flyuprightkite.com

MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
Come Back this Way


You might say that Fly Upright Kite truly formed back in Oregon, several years ago when Asad and Holland would first play some of the songs that became the groundwork for the band's sound. With a mostly acoustic sound through the years, Asad wrote songs filled with catchy melodies, personal lyrics and a great potential to become pop songs. All Asad needed was the right kind of band to make these songs evolve into well crafted pop hits.

Starting out by being an acoustic based quintet, Kite was formed as a two acoustic guitar, violin, bass and piano band. By swapping out one of the acoustics for an electric and the piano for drums, Kite's power pop/rock sound was born. Asad, Luke, Liam, Holland and Jared began arranging both Asad and Luke's songs for a rock setting, which is truly what was needed to bring the songs into the light. Although certain songs are kept stylisticly on the softer "alt country" side, the songs as a whole began to grow into what you hear at their shows.

With Jared in Oregon, Mike Reilly, an already established drummer (Lucas Carpenter Band, James Cleare, weekly wedding gigs, teaching gigs, etc), agreed to sit in. Also, Brian Guilmette joined the band in place of Luke. Now called Fly Upright Kite, the band has been playing many shows around Boston at some of the more popular venues (TTs, Harpers Ferry, Paradise Lounge, etc, etc) and have recorded a number of Demos in the Berklee Studios.

Fly Upright Kite plans on recording a 5 or 6 song EP within the next 8 months. This will be they're Debut EP and only the beginning of what looks to be like a long lasting recording career.

Upcoming Shows:

8.23.05 - Paradise Lounge - with guests - 8pm - $7