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Genre: Blues/R&B

Website: http://galeforce2001.fanspace.com

robforce@yahoo.com | frankandrose9@aol.com
MP3 (click name to download; click player to stream):
You Are My Son

Fever in My Heart


Gale Force is a four piece country variety band that consists of brothers Rob, Rick and Russ Gale, hence the name Gale Force. They have been playing together for about 20 years. The fourth member is pedal steel guitar player Frank Landry, who has been with the band for 6 years. Although fairly new to Gale Force, Frank is not new to the country music scene. He has played with bands such as White Line Fever, Brand X Cowboys. While Rob, Rick and Russ each have their main instruments, guitar, drums and bass respectively, it is not uncommon to see them switching around. Gives each of them a chance to try something different as well as confusing a few audiences.