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Genre: Blues/R&B, Funk, Rock


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Rattleboxx is a group of 4 guys from the all over Maine. Specifically Camden, Cumberland and Newcastle. We are older but not ancient. All of us are wise enough to know that in Maine, you have to keep a day job to raise a family. We would all rather be playing music full-time, but we really don?t have the right kind of hair for it.

Our band has been together for 5 years. We come from different walks of life but share a love for the same kind of music. Most of us have been playing Blues and Rock a good portion of our lives. Our keyboard player (and sometimes rhythm guitarist) and lead vocalist, Steve Neil also works as a manager at Wayfarer Marine. I am Chris Plumstead, lead and slide guitar player, and I work as publisher for Gourmet News. Andy Moore, our drummer, is publisher of a computer trade publication called KM World based in Camden.
We all grew up listening to fundamental blues artists and rock greats like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Little Feat, the Allman Brothers, Elvis Costello, Lou Reed, Steely Dan, and the list goes on. These are some of our influences. We do all covers of these and other artists with our own unique arangements.