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Genre: Experimental, Metal/Hardcore, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.scarslikeours.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Scars like ours is a punk band, based out of Lawrence, Ma.
Forming in september of '04, scars is the combination of over 7 or 8 years of past experience from each musician. Each had spent those years playing in various bands, or with other musical projects, throughout the New England scene.

The first demo was recorded around nov./dec. and contains 3 songs. The sound engineer of this recording was quick to take on the opertunity to join what promises to be one of the most exciting new projects to come out of New England.

With the addition of a second guitarist, Scars got straight to work recording a full length album. Spending night after night in their lawrence studio (www.prophetsound.com/sanctuary) they wrote the material, went straight onto tracking it, mastering it, and assembling the artwork to be sent to press. By March the process was complete and sent out.

With a tried and true DIY attitude scars like ours is a band based on working hard, and putting in realistic effort. Each member has divided up and taken on the neccessary roles to promote, secure resources, and acquire shows in and around boston, write new material, and continue building on a sound that has been born through the first two recordingings yet has already begun to progress and take on new forms.

Everything produced by scars is done, in house, by members of the band or by a close circle of friends who have dedicated themselves to seeing that all responsabilities are covered. 7 years of experience playing in the various music scene's has taught these guys one thing. Nothing is guaranteed unless you take care of business yourself. With this in mind Scars has built, and continues to build, a strong base from which to launch a campaign of punk rock'n goodness.

go check out www.myspace.com/scarslikeours