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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.emptyhead.org

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No mind, no mirror, no dust. That is the mantra of Empty Head, always present and readily seen on their stage backdrop. Taken from the legend of the Buddhist sixth patriarch, it represents their state of simply being, the beauty of existing in the joy of their performances. The woven flow of an explicit interplay of talents ranged into a unity of sound is theirs alone, yet it also belongs to anyone who listens. Part of the summation and philosophy of Empty Head is relayed by Doug Clapp, bassist and one of the founding members, "In the realm of pursuits of the mind and soul one can do little more for others than share what you love." It is evident from their performances. They make the listener feel as though he or she is the only one in the room and the only fan that counts. Yet they do it for everyone simultaneously. With the release of their first full-length CD, Who's Talking...Who's Listening imminent, Empty Head is keeping up a rigorous schedule of performances ranging from Presque Isle, Maine to Ayer, Massachusetts. This includes the annual Wattstock in Castlehill, Maine and their album release party scheduled for June 30, 2000 at the Asylum in Portland, Maine. The alternative band Empty Head began in 1996, with Doug Clapp on guitar and bass, Mark Dugal on drums and Bryon Clapp with the vocals, (who is incidentally the son of Doug). Over the past few years, they have evolved, picking up Keith Martin on lead guitar in 1997 and moving through almost as many rhythm guitarists as they have broken down equipment vehicles. They finally inducted Tim Flanders as official rhythm guitarist from their background of friends and loyal supporters in fall of 1999. Each member plays a part in keeping the flow steady. Doug is the philosopher and the writer. He is known as the creative force. Mark is known to others as "the glue," the one who smoothes the weave of the individual strands of the band. Bryon represents and channels the passion of art through voice and presence. Keith is the metal. He brings the heaviness into their sound and just the correct amount of darkness. Tim is known as the solidity, the dependability of the band, encouraging them to do the right thing and adding his touch of quiet. Together, with their wide range of individual interests and talents, they create the blend of sound that is Empty Head. Together, with their wide range of individual interests and talents, they create the blend of sound that is Empty Head.