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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.emeryvesch.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Michelle and Gary's musical history began in 1997 with Lunch Meat Circus, a five piece rock band where Michelle shared the vocal duties with Geycen Oliveira, another singer. The band made a 2 year run and eventually saw Michelle leave for the state of Georgia to live with family because of her desire to have her own band where she could be the main voice. Without Michelle's voice and inspiration, Gary would leave the band just two months later. In September of 1999, a phone call was placed from Taunton, Massachusetts, to Alpharetta, Georgia. By December 10th of the same year, Michelle and Gary were sitting in a white rented Mercury Sable, headed through North Carolina, on their way to an exciting new future back in New England. Their plan was to create a good rock band, incorporating all the different styles of music that they loved. The return of the writing duo was very rocky at first. They were trying to set aside time to play in a house where seven people resided, and Michelle was having trouble finding a suitable job, and apartment. After returning, Michelle came across Dan "the fan", an old friend that was a huge supporter and friend of LMC back in the day. When she told him what was currently happening with her and Gary's music, he suggested that they jam with his drummer brother, Herbie. They both agreed, and only needed half a session to decide that Herbie Correia was too perfect a fit to pass on. Emery (as in emery board) and Vesch (Vesh - a made up word) were put together by Gary and Michelle while wasting some time after practice one night at a local dive called Joe T's. It was official. The last element, but certainly not insignificant, to complete the foursome was Paul Gonyer, bass player extraordinaire. While driving "in the area" one day after work, he decided to stop in to this little studio just to see if there were any bands in need of some bottom end. Phil, owner of the music store, quickly directed him to meet Herbie, who was awaiting Michelle and Gary for a 6 o'clock practice. When the remaining members of Emery Vesch arrived, it only took two hours for them to realize there was certainly something special about this group of four. One week later, Paul completed the band, and did bring much more than just bottom end, but a whole different aspect to the already growing potential.