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Genre: Alternative Rock, Electronica, Punk, Rock

Website: http://www.mataharirocks.com


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If Garbage, Blondie, No Doubt, The Beatles, Berlin, Foo Fighters and NIN had an orgy...This would be the love child.

Most bands regard recording their music as a reasonable goal, something to look forward to after many years of performing and finding their groove. Boston-based MataHari is not quite like these other bands. An energetic modern rock group with the occasional dark or techno feel, the group's four members had hardly begun to know one another when they pooled their collective writing and performing talents to put out their first record. Now, together for just over a year, MataHari is releasing their debut CD Shrine of Couterfeits to the Boston music market, as well as to any fans from coast to coast looking to absorb their unique brand of hard-edged modern rock. With a style that incorporates the latest trends in rock and roll, a bit of punk, and other choice formats that spice up the mix, MataHari is poised to establish themselves as a dominant newcomer not only to the New England music scene, but the rest of the country's, as well.

MataHari was originally formed in April of 2003, when guitarist Shaun Michaud met European singer and front figure Ivona, immediately finding that they had the same musical goals and tastes. After recruiting bassist Frank Couture the group set out to create and produce a full-length album, and prepared to take the music industry by storm. With riveting stage performances and unbelievable chemistry to match the unity of the album, MataHari already has all the makings of a band shooting to the top - and all inside of a year.