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Genre: Alternative Rock

Website: http://www.thefallenmusic.com


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At a time when a bands’ influences are likely to come from a single moment on the musical timeline, The Fallen are uninhibited about where they’re coming from, “pretty much everything we’ve ever heard has been an influence, either good or bad, and if people hear echoes of some music in our songs that cool”, but there is an undeniable rock dynamic in their music.

The band have travelled a long path from playing a mix of covers and original material in bars & clubs around the city and county, but the band don’t appear to regret the lack of any sort of highbrow regard that does not come with playing these gigs, with lead guitarist Leon saying “that was a part of the band in the early days, our musical roots”. The bands second guitarist Dave quips “anyway in that time we played on-stage with Noel Redding & Eric Bell, so it wasn’t all that bad!!”

Having nearly imploded following a 12 month hiatus at the end of which the band found themselves drummer-less & down on their luck, The Fallen found themselves at a crossroads. However the band soon began work on new songs and with a new drummer, Steve, behind the kit they began their return. But the musical landscape to which they returned to was wholly different to that from the one they had left. The band were well aware of the change in the music scene but didn’t feel any inclination to follow it. The bands bassist, Austin tells me “We just do our own thing, the whole chemistry in this band is different….."

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