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Genre: Dixieland, Experimental, Metal/Hardcore, Punk

Website: http://myspace.com/graveyardbbq


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Graveyard BBQ was established, revelated, and regulated in the Summer of 2003 after the band headed down South to make a deal with the Devil at the Crossroads. Founding members Johnson, Brixx, Black, and Wilson joined forces to invent the ultimate unique crossover blend of Music dubbed as “DIRTCORE” A sound which defines old school Delta Blues, penetrated by Monstrous Guitar Riffs, Thunderous Bass and Drums, Electrifying Slide Guitar, Gritty/Moonshine Vocals, Rockabilly/Hellbilly Grease, Rebel Attitude, and the Power and Energy of Heavy Fuckin’ Metal. 3 words can sum up this phenomenon; SEX, BOOZE,n’ ROCKn’ROLL! So needless to say, Graveyard BBQ offers something for EVERYONE and ultimately supplies CONVICTION, something very much absent in today's music world. Graveyard BBQ and the BBQ Nation is rapidly growing stronger and will continue to do so. IF YOU AIN’T WITH US, YOU’RE AGAINST US!!!!!!!! www.GraveyardBBQ.com Coming soon………….. But for now, you can check us out on Myspace.com/Graveyard BBQ or at www.JonAaron.net