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Genre: Alternative Rock, Metal/Hardcore, Rock

Website: http://www.upriseband.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


uprise is a four-piece rock band fresh out of Boston, MA. This quartet fuses a variety of influences with the hard rock genre to create a familiar sound with a little something extra. uprise’s high-energy mix of simplicity and complexity appeals to those who are yearning for something innovative, but the group’s melodic compositions are still listener-friendly. While the band’s influences range from Sevendust to Coldplay, fans of Staind, A Perfect Circle, and Korn are sure to like these guys.

After completing their first release (Sober Skies EP), the members of uprise are currently booking shows around the Greater Boston Area to showcase their deep catalogue of original music. In addition, uprise is constantly composing and recording new material—a follow-up EP should be expected by mid-May. As the band continues to refine its already crisp sound, uprise hopes to display its on-going growth through a string of multiple live performances and new releases in the next 6 months.

Brothers Dallas (Drums) and Alex (Guitar) Rose have been making music together for over 12 years. The duo was joined by vocalist Arun Lamba in early 2004 and began to develop their sound, writing tens of compositions. But the band was not complete until bassist Micheal Jennings joined in early 2005 upon his relocation from California. Bound by instant musical chemistry, and a common goal to succeed, uprise was born. The band released an EP in January of 2005 comprised of three of the band’s earliest compositions.

uprise is a young, creative, and hungry group of individuals. Combine those elements with talent, skill, and an extreme passion for music, and you've got a group ready to take the scene by storm. With their drive and repertoire of addictive rock music, uprise will start a movement that will take them all the way to the top.

Arun Lamba - Vocals
Alex Rose - Guitars
Micheal Jennings - Bass
Dallas Rose - Drums