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Genre: Metal/Hardcore

Website: http://www.screamsoferida.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


Forming only one year ago, Boston's Screams of Erida have fortified a chaotic blend of unbridled metal that is already attracting attention. The interest is growing and it is only a matter of time before this brute force establishes itself among the northeast's vast landscape of hardcore and metal acts.

Although relatively new, Screams of Erida is not a band without experience. The roster includes the surviving members from some of the area's best. When the door closed on three of the most well known heavy music acts in Boston, a monster of a drawbridge opened. Without hesitation these six individuals went to work creating an aggressive yet melodic breed of metal. Their ferocity combined with sheer pummeling force has defined them in an arena saturated by heavy music.

By combining machine-like percussion, precision bass and aggressive vocals with three riff-ripping guitars, Screams of Erida has defined themselves by trading in gimmicks for dynamics, and placing musicianship above trends.

While bringing their style of metal to the frontier of heavy music, Screams of Erida have been building a dedicated fan base throughout the New England area because of their intense live performances.

Screams of Erida have ranked up 406,271+ visits on their website since July 2004 and over 11,500+ online listens, which gained them the title of most played band in Massachusetts on www.myspace.com for a few weeks.

Screams of Erida have already performed with national acts like Misery Signals, Beyond the Embrace, Remembering Never, The Autumn Offering, Cattle Decapitation, Emery and Hell Within.

Recently, Screams of Erida caught the attention of Ken Susi of Unearth fame and recorded a six song EP entitled "Burn the World". Ken produced, engineered and mixed the EP in his private studio. Ken brought exceptionally experienced input to the mix through his producing and engineering talents.

Keep your ears open and your fists clenched...this is only the beginning.