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Genre: Folk, Solo

Website: http://www.keith-hampton.com


This artist currently has no songs to listen to.


With a voice that is deep and rich, yet somehow simultaneously light and pure, Keith Hampton's warm style and easygoing presence have a lulling, pleasing effect on his audiences. In contrast to the current stream of teen dance-pop and hard rock bands hitting the radio scene, Hampton's solid musical foundation and more mellow approach to contemporary pop and folk make his music more than listenable. HOPEfire is the kind of CD you can leave in your player for days.

A Wisconsin native who now makes his home in the Boston area, Keith's music is full of gently pulsing melodies and acoustic-guitar based arrangements. The album expands on his classical training while reflecting his love for many contemporary folk and world music styles. Throughout the ten tracks on HOPEfire, his passionate, straightforward lyrics draw the listener in to compelling and intimate stories. The production is well-suited to the songs, layered with tracks of pedal harp, violin, mandolin and even Cuban-influenced percussion with his own fingerstyle guitar work.

Hampton counts Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon and Indigo Girls among his biggest influences.