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Genre: Rock

Website: http://www.chadlamarsh.com


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Chad LaMarsh’s story has become a veritable talking point for the perpetually gigging musician. Play five shows a week, balance the logistics, work on the new material and seek every possible opportunity to be heard. His mantra has always been to perform genuinely and leave it all on the stage. This ethic alone has cemented Chad as a permanent landmark on the Boston club scene. After nearly fifteen years he is one of the most talked about, listened to and sought after acts in the region. In September of 2003, Chad’s perseverance with recording his favorite original material paid off. He finally released his second record (first full length CD) entitled Anytime/Anywhere.

The full-length effort wrought with undeniable hooks and lush production by Anthony J. Resta (whose résumé includes Collective Soul/Duran Duran/Shawn Mullins) will undoubtedly raise Chad’s status as a songwriter on par with his local-legend status as a performer. Legendary producer Peter Collins (Jewel/ Bon Jovi/ Indigo Girls) joined the project to co-produce ‘Can You Kiss Me’. The word of mouth alone about Anytime/Anywhere continues to win over scores of new fans.

The 14 cut CD, Chad’s strongest effort to date, breaks down the notion of commitment while refracting it through the prism of choices faced in all relationships - giving the songs universal appeal in both sound and story. Some of Chad’s most effective moments come on barreling rock tracks like “Without Me" which lands the hook “I can see where this is gonna go, I’d be dreaming to thinking anything higher than low, no wonder why my days fly by without me…” - expertly puncturing the phenomena of fading dreams. ‘Just Remember’ in contrast, is a perfect example of a timeless ballad that celebrates the power of unconditional love and the reality that whether near or far, ‘we’re not always in the moment, holding hands side by side, but you’re always in my soul, you hold my heart within your life…”. Just how much Chad has grown since his Berklee College of Music days inevitably shines through in his lyrics.

Quickly after the release, Chad went to work on gaining exposure for Anytime/Anytime. Releasing each song on ITunes and Musicnet, and making it available on for purchase on Chadlamarsh.com as well as CDBaby and Myspace, Chad then focused on securing retail distribution with Galgano Records and joining Transworld Entertainment’s Localeyez program. Amidst his regular touring schedule he added an in-store tour which allowed fans of all ages to hear his original music at FYE’s and Strawberries throughout New England and New York. Performing for children, teenagers, parents and grandparents inspired Chad to add appearances to his already hectic schedule at Borders Books & Music Café – the corporate sponsor of his non-profit charity ‘Bundles of Books’. Again proving, there are no boundries where Chad LaMarsh is concerned. His mission is to entertain, and that he does. His energy captures the attention of all ages, his genuine charm is appealing and inviting and his music is best described as ‘infectious’.

***When asked his opinion of Chad LaMarsh, Platinum producer Anthony J. Resta (8 time platinum and gold record producer) had this to say: "Chad LaMarsh is one of the most energetic, dynamic and charismatic artists I’ve ever seen. His passion for his art flows
out of every chord he pounds out of his guitar, and in every song he crafts”. “It has been a tremendous pleasure working on his solo debut and in seeing such tremendous growth in him as both a prolific songwriter and as a studio musician…I see great things happening for Chad.